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Clearly I am not shutting up about this fandom any time soon...

Many of Kirk's behaviours in the Reboot read to me like the result of abuse. The rage and control issues, his flippant disregard for authority and his own personal safety, promiscuous behaviour, substance abuse and the way he views his own worth especially at the start of the movie. Maybe it was physical, emotional, sexual, mental or some horrid combination of them all perpetrated upon him by various individuals in authoritative positions in his life. His step-father(s), a teacher or coach.

Am I crazy for thinking this? Or is it a high probability factor contributing towards explaining some of his less desirous traits that manifest themselves in his more caddy actions? Is this an issue even dealt with in Trek? And not in that highly metaphorical way in which they deal with genocide, prejudice or nuclear armaments, but in that honest and true form of seriously addressing the issue straight on. The only series I can think of that would tackle this particular subject is DS9, but my Trek lore is really rusty.

I leave these questions and discussions to you flist. Engage me with your opinions and takes on this, please. I guess marathoning SVU & immersing myself in reading Trek fic did have a connection after all...
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