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Disease and Death Wrapped in Darkness and Silence

Trek Reboot had an atypical ending. It fought the summer action movie trope of The Hero gets The Girl. I loved that. It dared to step outside the box. It boldly went. The Girl was not 'worn down' by The Hero's charming ways or dazzling smile, she gave him the GTFO consolation card. She is strong and compelling and owner of her agency and that is just bad. ass. She wouldn't allow anything/one to hold sway over her chosen course of direction. She would never act on anything just because, she needs to believe in it first. She has this unshakable reasoning of doing the right thing for the right reason. So, I don't understand the urge some have to portray a female character, such as she, with overtones of bitchy shrewish behaviour. IDEK. Women can kick ass in stories without the author(s) resorting to stereotypical conventions. Nyota Uhura is a BAMF and should be treated as such. She worked her ass of to get respect. She deserves it damn it. Respect.

Kirk is a complicated guy. He's always fighting and raging and when he's done, he fights and rages some more because he does not. know. how to quit. He fights to keep what he's attained. He acts like he disregards what others need/want/think of/from him yet through his course of action(s), insanely fights like hell for it. He wants people to respect him and when they don't he charms (or beats) them into falling for it. Not that he does it insincerely, he's just probably really tired of struggling with his own personal identity and how that translates into the way people view him. He's always going to be That Brave Man's Son. Never to be known for who he is as a person hence, insane shenanigans driven by this undeniable sense of right and wrong. This sense of doing the right thing for others and that is bad. ass. Many portray him as an asshat (which he totally is sometimes) or a manwhore (which he totally is sometimes) and most often a jerk. However, that ingrained tenacity of getting shit done regardless of the consequence is always in tact. He gets a fairer shake on the character end. So does Spock and McCoy and Sulu and Scotty... hell everyone that isn't Uhura gets a fair deal on character in fanfic. WTF?! I like to see fic where the scales are even. It's hard to find in this fandom. (OrImnotlookingintherightplace)

I think there's something in Kirk's interactions with Uhura that makes him want to be better. Worthy. To earn her respect because it is not so easily doled out. It's something that probably impacts him to a greater degree when he realises Spock gets the girl. She is not the kind of woman that falls into convention. That, is interesting. Kirk obviously sees/knows this, but he's a convention so therefore, no falling. *nod* There's a safety zone that he can operate within but not fully navigate solo because Uhura is completely self-realised which is something he, at this point in time, is not. I can't help but ship them harder because of the impossibility of them actually becoming something in canon. The Spock factor is a huge one and most fic writers either kill him off or make him TOTALLY gay for McCoy/Sulu/Chekov/anythingwithadick and that is so freaking irritating and completely OOC. Like, WTH?! I want to pull hairs out of peoples skulls. Sometimes things don't work out because they just don't work out. There is no bad guy. Things fall apart and shitty writing makes me want to craft find a story where that is portrayed. Freakin' A. BTW, does anybody else ship K/U on my flist?

Yes, all of this is because I am hoping like hell Orci and Kurtzman keep this in mind as they write the next one. I don't think I could handle it if they completely undermined their own awesome by falling into uninspired boring story telling a la Michael Bay. Please don't subscribe to that pattern of mindlessness. Ugh. I'm curious to see how TPTBs will navigate this new Trek. Until then I must rely on fandom to make these 18 or so months pass...

Just one more time cos this fic OWNS MY SOUL:
In Our Nature by ninety6tears

Uhura is a bad. ass. g. q. m. f. fic:
Another Boy, Another Planet by vaingirlfic

Sparsely detailed fic of awesomely awesome K/U ship:
Our Veins Run Parallel by hazyflights

Not my normal fare of fic (K/U/S; that woeful conventional trap of SpockisinlurvewithKirk) but it has a good ending. Don't judge, I don't have much to work with here, okay? Just read it:
Once More unto the Breach/Logic Will Break Your Heart by 1297

Fun arty stuff that had me roflmao:
Reboot Art Meme/Reboot Art Meme 2

Je m'appelle James Tiberius Kirk:

And because I have been living under a rock and totally missed this lame promo pic, jeez Paramount a little effort, please:

Have s'more GQness:

JUNE 29 2012 BITCHES!!1!
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