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A List of Amusement

1. Fandom casting Samantha Grimm Rosamund Pike as Christine Chapel.

Dear JJ,

Please make this happen. Hollywood incest is always amusing.

Fangirl lurve,

2. Speaking of Trek. As much as I love Spock/Uhura, cos the High Counsel knows I've shipped them since I was a youngin', I can't help but like Kirk/Uhura more in the reboot!verse. I know!

*banner by rowan_boat

I think I may have fallen into the insanely-awesome-headstrong-hero/brainy-beautiful-best-friend-babe-that-challenges-headstrong-hero trap that I always take the bait for (IE: Harry/Hermione). There's also the possibility because Kirk/Uhura is waaaaaay less popular in fandom than Spock/Uhura that I jumped ship. The High Counsel also knows how much I love an underdog. Or, I could just be really shallow cos my brain thinks: ur purty *smoosh* There is much debate warring within me saying it's a little of all three. They're pretty and they know it:

But she'll totally call him on his shit which, he is totally counting on her to do:

It almost makes me sad to posit that they could only work without Spock being such a huge part of Kirk's life cos the betrayal and violation of The Bro Code would be immense if ever Jim pursued Nyota actively and knowingly. They'd have to fall in to it on their own equal terms or through some exigent circumstance like the one created by ninety6tears fic In Our Nature. (But you know the best thing about this fic? The ship is not even the biggest factor for loving it. The Jim/Nyota is like the cherry on top of the big freaking chocolate fudge sundae that is this story. Have I convinced you to read it yet?! I cannot shut up about this damn fic... True story. Ask The Bro. I told him it was so good I wanted to print it out so he could read it.)


3. I miss Puck. Pretty Glee people make pretty picspam.

4. SVU continuity. THEY HAD IT once upon a time. Where does the good go? But omigosh this show gets heavy when you watch it one after the other after the one after the other... Note to Olivia & Elliot: SVU WILL KILL YOUR SOUL. Get out BBs while you still can! *snuggles them*

5. In related news: Marish had really pretty hair in s8. That whole ponytail/bangs thing? Bring it back.

6. In more related news to number 4: THE HUG + Anna Nalick = OMG! How are they simultaneously everything and nothing? GAH!:
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