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So, my November has me insomina'd. I'm house/dog sitting and OI I wanna kill one of them so bad cos she does. not. obey. Yikes, I never knew an animal could drive my blood pressure through the roof. Fuck. I WANNA STRANGLE HER! Grr, arrgh. AND, I AM WITHOUT A COMPUTER. My life is over, though not really cos I have my new fandangled fone by blackberry. My twitter/lj lifeline! *clings*

Fic Rec: In Our Nature by ninety6tears

Reboot!Mirror, Mirror verse. This has been my only solace from dog!hell. I think this was rec'd at het_reccers already but it's so. fucking. good. that I have to do it here too and it makes me sad that there aren't more reviews because it's so well thought out and plotted. The lack of reviews may be due to the fact that it's Kirk/Uhura. *eyeroll* Jeez fandom, good fic shouldn't be neglected just because it's not your ship. Hell, I read stuff that's not my ship all the time and can still appreciate a good story. This whole thing is subtle yet striking and veers far away from heavy handed fic traps of hyperbolic emotion or verbose inner dialogue. There is reason for this ship (well, not only the ship but the characterisation of everyone involved in this world) and it is a logical progression that is more than believable. It's natural. Not to mention pretty (I mean the ship). This fic takes me back to the first time I read Dune or LOTR and was totally blown away by the over-arcing themes of politics, religion, beliefs and justice and it's effect on a small and large scale. Yet, this fic is not preachy like how those books could be. It's freaking amazing how all the small things can counterbalance the larger heavier things without feeling like a consolation prize. There are also OC's but not in that obviously Mary Sue way. There are NO Mary Sue's in this fic but it IS chock full 'o awesomely awesome originals. Also, there's appropriate well placed swearing. Serious. I never really liked swearing in Trek fic cos it seems counter intuitive to a peace loving equality verse, but due to the nature of this situation, 'tis completely apropos. BONUS? The ficmix posted to accompany this is. freaking. awesome. Totally sets you in the mood and carries the emotion through it. Freaking. Genius.
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