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This Is How I Mourn

Most of this vidders vids are epic too... REALLY nice editing and comprehensive STORY omg!whut?! Also, I've fallen out of love with teevee... *sigh* I may not be around much after the 30 Day Ship Meme is over. And then there's short but awesome THROUGH TIME AND SPACE Arthur/Morgan(a)(aine) fic: it's stupid how we always seem to do it again by theangelunknown. That's one of the things I love about them, they can be forever eternal and constantly entwined.

And HOLY CRAP, odakota_rose rec'd this epically awesome abusive boyfriend fandom fic: Atlantis by Lyricara. OMG! YOU GUYS HAVE TO REEEEEEEEEEEEAD EEEEEEEEEET! There's so many different emotions in the currents and you feel them ALL. OMG. Serious. EPIC. ...but only because it's so small and yet not. That's pretty much them isn't it. They are while simultaneously aren't. *sigh*

Tags: omg!pretty!, ready mcreaderson: fanfic, ships ahoy!, teevee: l&o:svu, teevee: merlin, television ate my brains

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