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Cos I Ship It


Also, not following CM but reading all these rumours/spoilers about the "theme" of this season (which pretty much sinks my ship and I should be used to it but it still hurts) is DETRIMENTAL FOR THE FANGIRL. Must. Resist. MUST. RESIST. *sigh* NYYYYYYYYAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!

I am so disappointed/angry/*insertnegativefeelinghere* by most of my shows this season that I've only found joy in HIMYM (which is exponentially getting more AWESOME), Raising Hope (which is at turns really stupid, touching and 'aww' inducing) and some of TBBT (last nights ep of BattleStarTrek Galactica actually made me laugh more than once). So what do I do? Why, I return to the abusive boyfriend teevee fandom by reliving the awesomeness on DVD. This stupid ship meme reeled me back in! CURSE YOU SHIP!!!
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