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My Progress

1. Do art work for the following mixes: House Lannister; House Stark; Morgan/Prentiss; ...that other one I forgot who or what its about (possibly Merlin) and that BAU Teamy Goodness one.
2. Finish fic.
3. Clean out comics.
4. Clean out DVDs and let laregan have first crack at them and then hock the rest.
5. Clean out CDs and let vivalatiger have first crack at them and then hock the rest.
6. Clean out closet.
7. Organise work papers.
8. Shop for new computer because that grinding noise in the fan came back and oi, my computer is OLD.
9. Shop for new phone because I've been without a contract for nigh on three years and oi, my phone is OLD.
10. Catch up on the following shows: Merlin, & The Vampy Diaries (I refuse to call it 'TVD' because it reminds me of a sexually transmitted disease)
11. Catch up on all those fics I have bookmarked in my browser.
12. Sleep.
13. Help The Mother clean out her paperwork, which, she avoids like the plague.
14. NOT join Tumblr because I can barely keep up with LJ and Twitter AND Facebook. HA! I WIN TUMBLRRRRRRRRR!!!
15. Catch up on flist and FB...

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