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Well, shit...

OMG! I CRIED. Seriously guys. *pets Barney* I just totally love everybody's everything on this show. From the inappropriate cc'd emails to the quiet we will be better parents than our parents argument to Robin silently cracking up at Barney's eager soloing with is brother and 'dad' (who by the way TOTALLY MADE ME CRY! Chicken George, you still got it. Ben Vereen how art thou so awesome?) to the awesome mom of awesomeness even though she had some questionable parenting skillz and Marshall being so AWESOME with wanting to let Barney be black for the day because he knows what it's like to have an awesome dad and he wants the same thing for Barney cos it's just that little modicum of humanity that Barney needs to redeem him of his shenanigans. Oh. Just. Oh, show I love you. Never change your awesomeness. It is legendary.

OMG! I CRIED! Seriously. Stupid House making me love you again with the genius of Mister Laurie and the brilliance of Miss Edelstein and that really awesome story of sibling love (Aly Stoner you've grown so much from Cheaper by the Dozen days) which, oh, my heart and stars. LOVED. IT. That boy made me cry. ETA: *just had a realisation* OMG! HE'S A MINI-MCAVOY! All that 'I can be a part of you and I can do those things because I don't want to live without you and that's the greatest thing I can do'. !!! YOU GUYS! Just typing that teared me up a little.

Cry by Gayngs (I love you Justin Vernon):

And didn't the lady who played the mom look like the Progressive Insurance girl? BECAUSE SHE IS THE PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE GIRL!

Also Shadow, the kitty that adopted us, got almost DEAD last night/early this morning. He (I'm assuming its a he because of all the cats I've had only the boys ever got stuck in something benign and made it a death trap) got caught in a neighbours discarded basketball net and somehow tangled and choked himself, probably in an attempt to try and get out. The Mother, BDH that she is, jumped the neighbour's wall and calmed him down while trying to disentangle him but that wasn't working. So she manouvered him so that he could at least breathe while she retrieved her sewing scissors to cut him loose. Finally, she cut the net and set him free. I think it'll still be a while before he gets used to human contact though because he's very skittish and jumpy which is fine by me cos I'm allergic to kitty fur. I just want him to keep the rats away.

Okay, just had to say that. Now I'm off to complete some tasks on my list. *crosses fingers*
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