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But I Like The Dark...

Yeah yeah, I know I said I'd wait out the whole season before investing in s6 but technically every season premiere is kind of the previous season's finale so :p


Hotch doing his passive/agressive asking/pushing JJ to that place she never wants to be but she HAS to be there. She does it because he's her boss yet, it's also because she knows Hotch would never make her do it unless she was the last resort and he knows that she knows he knows because THEY'RE FREAKING BATMAN AND ROBIN. LITTLE BLACK RAIN CLOUD AND SUN BEAM. I NEED MORE WORDS TO DEFINE THEM. *SMOOSHES THEM*

OOC Morgan is VERY OOC... but I think he's suffering PTSD from being there when his pops died and it's happening again and he can't stop it again so he feels guilt and anger and powerless and really scared and Prentiss understands this and gives him what little comfort she knows he'll accept without pushing too hard and making him confront it. That would lead to a fight just because that's what he's looking for in the heat of the moment and she won't give that to him due to the fact that 1) it's not fair and 2) he would never do that to her. Then, when they got home, she'd make him clean Garcia's car and get her and Kevin a table at the bestest restaurant which comps them their entire meal as a real apology after which, she'd make all the hurt better with the sexing because Emily Prentiss got under his armour and settled in and he found he didn't mind her there. And then, when they're all post-coital, she gets him to explain his tat on his left arm which serves as his own personal memorial to his father Stanley Morgan, yes, as in the tool company and/or the football player (there are many light-hearted jokes made about this) and with Emily's prompting he finds a little solace within his reverie somewhat renewing his resolve that he did everything humanly possible to save Ellie and that doing his job is worth it but only because Emily helped close up that gaping. hole. in his chest that he's been carrying around for years because after all he is only a man. But, he's the man that she loves *SMOOSHES THEM*
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