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14 September 2010 @ 09:47 am
I Have An Issue  
Is JJ's character hard to figure out? It's not that hard is it? Majority of the time the PTBs only define her by her mommy-ness. JJ is a woman. A woman with womanly thoughts and womanly feelings and woman-ness. Because going strictly off of canon it's hard to pin down her voice for anything, be it fic or fanmix. I have to fall back on poptastic girly voices which irritates me because JJ is so much more than the worried FBI mommy. She is more than the middle-America working parent. She is more than the small town girl with tenacity and foresight. She is the heart. She is the guide. She is the sunlight.

She is 32 Flavors.
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Current Music: 32 Flavors ~ Ani D.
Katrina L. Halliwell: Terracanuck_kat on September 16th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
Did you know Ani has severe carpal tunnel (or something) and she still tries to perform? ♥

I don't know if that's true, I heard it from someone.

Anyways, I just create imaginary subtext for JJ. The writers can't do any of the characters justice imo. Except maybe for Elle, Gideon, and Reid. Maybe.
Sunny: CM JJ yaddasunny_serenity on September 17th, 2010 12:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, she's a trooper which makes her AWESOME. I heard that she's been taking it easy since having her baby.

Oh, IDEK about this. Yes, she can be school-girl/pretty face/put together but the truth behind it is that she's NOT. In my brains, she's kind of like Jon Bonham, it's what he didn't play that made him one of the best drummers of all time AND elevated Zeppelin to such greatness. Those 'I could totally do that but then why would I succumb to mediocrity and pedestrianisation' moments make JJ. She knows her place. Knows her worth and will make sure as hell you know it too, which, is kind of like Ghanima in the Dune series.

Plus, she doesn't go contrary to expectation just to be a rebel or because it's a big F-U to the higher ups, she does it because she's aware of the right and wrong. She's aware of the need for understanding and timing and when to play what card for that particular situation and not many of the writers give her credit for it or give AJ the chance to display that. And not that I don't love him, but they're too busy writing about boy genius to give our girl a chance to shine. Damn them. *raises fists to heavens*

...like I said, issues. I'm sorry. I've rambled. Shutting up now.