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The Guilty Pleash

Hmm... Is it wrong that for the first couple of minutes of everyone worrying about Caroline I was all: WHO'S THAT?! ...until they showed her and I was all, 'Oh, her.' They bandy about names so much on this show that I was confused for more than half of it. It took me about twenty minutes to figure out who Tyler was. LOL.

I totally ship Bonnie/Damon more than anyotherboringship on this show? It's that hate/hate dynamic they have, ain't it? Now there's gonna be the whole Bonnie HATES herself for making Damon give Caroline his blood cos NOW SHE'S A VAMP! Well, I'm assuming she's a vamp cos it hasn't been more than 24 hours for Damon's blood to work its way through her system... Now she's all dead/undead because of it. I wonder if Katherine planned that. She's diabolical. And AWESOME. Katherine is far more enjoyable than Elena is. She's like... relish. *nod* Can she be the main character please?

Next, they're making Damon this amalgamation of season 5/6 Spike where he's all emo and MUST HAVE LOVE. Katherine totally loves to fuck with him doesn't she? And WTH is with all these women choosing Stefan over DAMON?! WHY?! Um, am I not seeing something here??? Damon is love's BITCH and would be the perfect boyfriend. Bonnie should do that, make Damon her bitch... assuming there's going to be some really awesome we-hate-each-other-but-have-to-work-together-or-we're-gonna-die-if-we-don't plot. Wait, that sounds too much like Buffy/Spike. OH! They should just do it. Every generation needs a Spike/Buffy dynamic. EVERY. GENERATION. He is worthy! Oh, show.

BTW, you guys should totally get The Roots new album, How I Got Over. It's faboo! Seems that working on Jimmy Fallon's show was a very good idea. I haven't really enjoyed their creativity since Things Fall Apart.

Now or Never:

Right On (JOANNA NEWSOM) you read that right she sounds like Badu:
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