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The Bro: What does that mean? 'Go suck on an egg.'

The Mother: Have you ever tried it?

The Bro: No. Why would anybody do that?

The Mother: If you put a whole egg in your mouth what would that make you...

The Bro: (he cuts her off) A snake!

The Mother: I should stick an egg in your mouth now.

The Bro: WHAT?! I don't get it!!!

The Mother: Can you talk when you have something as big as an egg in your mouth?

The Bro: No.

The Mother: *waits for him to get it*

The Bro: *he doesn't*

The Mother: (with exasperation) It means 'shut up'.

The Bro: OHHHHHHHHHH! Go suck on an EGG!

Me: *facepalm* I bet the duck's in the hat.
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