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This season has been mostly a bore. My expectations were too high methinks.

1. Pam doesn't want to be a maker. That's kind of... 'cute', is the wrong word. Eric & Pam's moment of sincerity after that discussion however, made me kinda teary. We still don't know the why though. I NEED TO KNOW THE WHY!!! This should teach me to not watch this show week by week and just go for the marathon version. Stick with what's a tried and true method of watching that works for me. Dammit. I epically fail for falling victim to the machine. But back to the awesome: If Pam's only 100 years old then that means she was turned around 1910 which would make it POST-Victorian era. ITHOUGHTSHEWASAWOMANAHEADOFHERTIME?!?! The suffragette movement had already been in place by then and that wouldn't have been 'forwardly thinking' it would've been contemporary radical thinking... ack, whatever. This book!canon v. show!canon has the potential to really irk me. By all rights and means I should not like show!Pam because the canyon between that and book!Pam is so freaking far that you can't even see the other side of the valley. Yet I can't help but LOVE THEM BOTH! Kristen makes bamfy Pam more bamfy.

"Should I be panicking?" That's funny. I don't know why.

Dear Ms Harris,

Could you please to be making a stand alone and/or flashback story of Eric & Pam so I can stop speculating and breaking my brains over trying to figure out the details and history of their relationship? I'm not that creative.

With fangirly lurve,

2. Sam freaking out was OMG!WHUT?! How can Tara ever trust you again if you act like every other freaking freak she's ever known?!?!? HOW SAM?! HOW?! Damn, I want them back together so bad. I hope there's no JB Durone in the future of this show. That'd ruin my gleeandhopesanddreamsand... So maybe they'll integrate some JB features into Sam.

3. Hunter! Why is Hunter older than I thought he was? I thought he was like five not fifteen.

Damn this show.
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