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"Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air..."

A) So, it ended up being only Inception last night with The Bestie, The Sister and The Bro. It's been so long since we've been the Fab Four. I miss it. I was fine with just seeing Inception though. I'm not really sold on the Scott Pilgrim thing. I read it. Wasn't impressed. I'm looking forward to more Kick Ass for the next big comic movie.

B) This SW marathon on Spike has me reeling. I HATE you George Lucas. You have broken perfection. I did think it cool that they never really made a big deal out of Leia piloting the Falcon cos badassery was expected from her but damn give the girl some props for evasive manouvers cos they never got nabbed when she was in the seat.

C) I am woefully disappointed with lack of JJ/Hotch fic. WTH?! Why are there not more works for these two? I just started the fifth season and holy crap she looks like Andi Haley. (Yes, I used to watch Dawson's Creek. Try not to faint.) Jack and Henry should be brothers. There's all kinds of attraction and cuteness and 'are we woeful absentee parents made of fail or what?' bonding. But above all for me, JJ is FREAKING SUNLIGHT in Hotch's doomy gloomy world. UNF.

C2) I've got a Morgan/Prentiss mix that needs covers which I will trade any fandom goodness for. Be it something I can provide short of graphics cos I am photoshopless at the mo. Any takers?

D) Hopefully tonight will not disappoint in the Pam show. I want canonical backstory daggumit.
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