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OMG! WTF?! THIS SHOW IS CRAZY! This should've been called The Thin Line Between Love and Hate. Holy FUCKING Hell!

Things I liked:
1. Eric. Holy. Shit. Do not stand in his way of getting what he wants.

2. Zack Terry singing to Arlene's tummy. D'awwwwwwww! ...and then it immediately being Rene! OMG! I know Rene was a fucking psycho but I LOVE Michael Raymond-James. Mmm, mmm good.

3. Is it wrong that I ship Bill/Jessica??? So much guilt. So much low self-esteem! So much fuckedupness! The sparing and then the eventual fight, wish there was more of that, and then the omg!he!has!your!baby!Bill! That was smart of him though to call Russell out like that. Then the branding and OH! how I love when they Dutch a camera like that.

4. Also, the dynamics between Jason and Sookie and Lafayette and Tara and now Sam and Tommy all their siblingness makes me aw. And Rutina Wesley deserves some kind of award for the brilliance she's putting on screen. Hell yes. I hope there's more in the future for her and Sam cos I REALLY liked them together.

5. HADLEY! That was a good scene. And um, YES you're supposed to trust Eric. I take it she's not a vamp yet seeing as how she can enter at will... or is there some kind of loop hole if you lived in that place before? I don't think so, right?

6. Honestly, the Crystal Norris story bores me. However, I do appreciate the new dimension they've put on her character. She's more interesting in the show than she was in the book, but I still can't be bothered to care what the hell happens to her.

7. Debbie Pelt's psychosis is psycho.

Thing I didn't like:
1. WHERE'S PAM?! Debbie Pelt and Crystal Norris have more screen time than Pam so far this season. WTF? Bauer being put on regular status was supposed to be a good thing. This is becoming something I do not appreciate. :\

Dear Alan,


No love,
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