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Sit Down. Stand Up.

Maybe it's because I remember really hating Bill at this point in the books and him raping Sookie was kind of my justification of it but just sucking her dry doesn't seem like reason enough to hate him. I was wondering if they'd go for the unspeakable act only to drive home the point that Sookie/anyundeadbeing is a bad idea but I guess there ARE limits to what you can put on cable tv. Wouldn't want to alienate that precious vampyre banger demographic eh, HBO?

On the yay!side ERIC SAVED PAM! I guess King Russell is gonna dangle the fact that he was the one that did the actual 'rescuing' over Pam's head and test her loyalty to Eric. We all know she won't betray him but it'll be fun to see. I want to know the whyhowwhat made Eric turn Pam. There has to be more to it than, in the teevee verse, Eric rescued her from her boring dangerous prostitute life. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
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