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01 August 2010 @ 05:07 am
"I don't exactly understand you."  
Life s1 marathon, SO GOOD. What, you may ask, brought this on? Why, my friends, it was my annual read of Seven Veils by comice at her fic journal anjoufic. It is a Must Read if and ever you consider yourself a fan of the show. You know what made s1 genius? The lack of network interference. Character was so omnipresent and full you could swallow it and be satisfied. This show would've thrived on cable network I tell ya, thrived. *mourns*
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Crews and Reese being AWESOME
Laney: Piemaker: Poutlaregan on August 1st, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
i'm sorry for your loss. :( my thoughts are with you at this time of..... you watching your show. lol. its hard to believe that we suffer through the cancellations of our favorite shows so many times and still miss them terribly when they're replayed.
Sunny: Life Reese made of awesomesunny_serenity on August 2nd, 2010 07:43 am (UTC)
Your condolences are much appreciated love. We have to put up with SO MUCH. At least this time it doesn't hurt so much cos that fic is TOTALLY my canon... it's perfectly constructed in balance and tone. Paint those pretty pictures in my damaged little head it does.