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28 July 2010 @ 07:41 pm
Digging Deep  
HOLY WOW. It is hard to find good het fic out there for CM. More specifically, het fic for my ships. WTH?! If ever there was a time to be a slasher now'd be it. Unfortunately, I don't swing that way. Sad monkey is sad.

REC ME SOME FIC PEOPLE. Morgan/Prentiss or JJ/Hotch. Yes. I am predictable. But OMG! PARTNERS!!!! It's my biggest kink.
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Sunny: CM castsunny_serenity on July 30th, 2010 10:46 pm (UTC)
Oh gawd, I stumbled into a few Hotch/Prentiss or Rossi/Prentiss fics and I needed some brain bleach. Not that there's anything wrong with those ships but a little warning/heads up would've been nice. Stargate fandom has spoiled me. IMO, Rossi/anylivingthing is just wrong, a fact they've well established in canon. There are a ton of head scratchers out there for me. I've read at least one fic per ship and I must say, I just don't see/feel it. Maaaaybe Reid/Garcia or JJ/Garcia or JJ/Emily or Morgan/Reid but those dynamics mostly read to me like orphans creating their own family. *shrug* I'm also probably too vanilla for this show but there's something about the horrors they face every day that makes me crave my idea of comfort for them.

I feel like an archeologist unearthing really big rocks and entrenched artifacts in this fandom. I'm thisclose to and I quote: "making our own goddamn wind".