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Fight For Your Right To Partay

Now that that family stuff is over and done with (and I have a massive cold) we now return you to your regularly scheduled fangirling.

1. I kind of totally feel sorry for Lorena now that she's about to die. That was SAD. I wonder if ol' Billy Boy was sincere as to wanting to know her before she was jaded and twisted into a raving sadistic lunatic. That would've been interesting. So far Lorena's been one of those middling characters for me, you know, don't really care either way what happens to her but I actually had a smidgen of empathy for her fuckedupness. She kind of reminded me of Darla in the Angel!verse in this ep.

2. TARA! LOL and also OMG! I love the absolute dichotomy of her situation. Words escape me.

3. Eric seething with so much hatred and CONTROLLING IT. O.M.G. I LOVE ASKARS. You can feel the vibrations coming off in waves. I wanna see the hammer drop on this one. That little retribution on Sophie-Anne was also fun.


5. Frick. I also need a Jessica icon. I lost ALL my icons when my XD died. Total. Suckage.

6. Lafayette laying the smackdown? HOLY SHIT. That man is not one to mess with. I'm also loving Jesus but I don't really trust him. There has to be something more to him. Somebody always wants something from someone on this show.

7. WTF is UP with Sam's crazy family? First I thought Tommy was being sexually abused/molested but now it seems like they're making it only the fighting cages. Unless they're gonna do a compound situation which would be nigh impossible to pull off if these stories were crafted by lesser hands.

8. Russell is creepy. Not as creepy as Franklin but creepy nonetheless.

9. Here, watch the Comic Con panel while I catch up on Sparty:

Part 1:

Part 2:

I. TOTALLY. ♥ Deborah and Kristen.

Part 4:

The Twilight diss made me lol. Essentially Twatloufa and True Blood are the same thing the only real difference being True Blood is done with a panache that tweeny targeted fare cannot achieve. It's just COOLER.
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