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It's Called Acting Part 2

Comment "I want" and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your LJ with your favorite films of theirs.

laregan gave me:

1) Jeff Goldblum: Indy Pants Day AND Jurrasic Park. He had the best lines and was nerd!sexy in ID4.
2) Bill Pullman: ID4. He was kinda sexy and all woobie. *pets*
3) Alan Tudyk: 28 Days! & Death At A Funeral 'Oh my god! Look at my package.' *runs around nekkid* Hee!
4) Chris Evans: Push. I could've done without the 'love interest' part of the story and just enjoyed the Nick/Cassie. SO WRONG!
5) Jack Black: School of Rock, High Fidelity, Nacho Libre and Orange County. SoR, best. teacher. ever. HF, best. record. store. employee. ever. NL, best. friar. ever. OC, best. loser. brother. ever.
6) Michael Madsen: Kill Bill 2 & Reservoir Dogs. Literally being lectured to death is the funniest thing and Mr. Blonde who is NOT Blonde.
7) Brad Pitt: Fight Club & Mr. & Mrs. Smith His body in FC, oh boy! Plus, it's Fight Club but I'm not supposed to talk about it. M&MS is the only movie I've seen him in where I believe he's in love with the leading lady and hey, I was right!
8) Ben Stiller: ZOOLANDER! So. Funny. 'Why don't you Derelique my balls?
9) Seth Green: Austin Powers. All three! & Can't Hardly Wait SETHY BABY!!! '92 percent of all college hunnies are thinking should I go to class or have sex? Class or sex?' I love him.
10) Ryan Gosling: Half Nelson & Lars and the Real Girl.

1) Mary McDonnell: This is so EVIL! How can I choose?!?! Dances With Wolves, ID4, SNEAKERS, DONNIE DARKO, Grand Canyon, Passion Fish.
2) Uma Thurman: Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 'Wiggle your big toe.' and... 'It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that I'm sorry. But you can take my word for it, your mother had it coming. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting.' ...are like the best lines ever.
3) Sandra Oh: Double Happiness & Last Night. And no, it's not because CKR is also in these but because in DH she's FANTABULOUS and in LN she's all sad and woobie but funny. ...but yes, it's also cos CKR is IN THESE!
4) Mila Kunis: She's not in very many that I've seen besides Max Payne and The Book of Eli but I LOVE her on Family Guy, 70's and Robot Chicken so I'm gonna go old school and stick with Gia. She was the young Gia (age 11). And yes Elizabeth Mitchell was in that but
5) Christina Applegate: She does movies? Mars Attacks! It's campy and stupid but SO FUNNY when you're tired.
6) Neve Campbell: Drowning Mona, Scream & The Craft. Funny. Funny scary. And just scary.
7) Rachel McAdams: As previously mentioned, Mean Girls
8) Diane Keaton: Annie Hall & Something's Gotta Give
9) Diane Kruger: Inglorious Bastards oh, yes!
10) Lucy Liu: Lucky # S7evin. This movie was like Push, not exactly a genius plot but completely entertaining.
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