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To The Izzo, To The Izzay

Rizzoli & Isles? Damn funny show. Angie is delightfully snarky and deadpan and pissed off at everything (just like Eliot!!! Maybe that's why I like her...) and Pacey's sister Kate Sasha is cute but not so cute that she makes me wanna puke and they play off each other SO. WELL. Together, they make me laugh. There was space for the moments to breathe in this pilot. When it was funny they gave you room to laugh when it was those *gasp*!moments it made you feel the immediacy. Also a point of amusement: Charlie Swan Billy sans the stache, is kinda cute! Thank you TNT & HBO for making summer teevee my only consolation this time of year. Stupid heat.

This part made me laugh:
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