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How Am I Supoosed To Hold It

1. Um... I don't know how I feel about Damien's solo take on this song. There's no magic without Lisa. *sads* 9 Crimes is supposed to be sung like this:

2. There were 9 crimes present in the show though. Kidnapping (Tara!), torture (The Magister), possession of an illegal substance (Lafayette & Eric), distribution of an illegal substance (Russell), cheating (Debbie FUCKING Pelt), fraud (Bill), perjury (Bill, Eric, Pam, Alcide... hell, everysinglepersoninthisep), terroristic threatening (psycho!weres) and coercion (Lorena & Russell). So, basically your everyday dealings in Vampire!World.

3. PAM! NOOOOOOOOO! EEEEEEEE! Just when I thought there wasn't gonna be any Pam in this ep THEY BRING HER OUT IN THE THIRD ACT. She's so gonna kick all their asses. Or maybe a little more scary, Eric is gonna kick their asses. Can you kick a Magister's ass? I guess that's Eric's weak point though, his family. I like this story line. After losing Godric he can't lose Pam too. I'd hate to see this make him too cautious from here on out and Pam wouldn't stand for that either methinks. He just wouldn't be Eric if he were. The whole vibe of that scene was kinda weird though. Maybe it's because we've only been able to throw conjecture into the nature of Pam and Eric's relationship in the teevee verse. Were they only Fader/Dotter or were they all messed up and complicated for like five hundred years until they decided they hit the old married couple stage and he released her? OU! Are we gonna have Pam-Meets-Her-Maker flashbacks?!?!?!? I'm DOWN with that! Oh, or... I wonder if they're gonna give us Eric-Had-A-Family-Once-And-Very-Well-Knows-How-It-Feels-To-Lose-A-Child-ThankyouverymuchMagister flashbacks. Is it Sunday yet?

4. Tara. Holy. Fuckin. Shit. Why does she always end up in these crazy situations? She's more than capable of saving herself but she's SUCH a cactus. There's this strange waring dichotomy in Tara that Rutina is somehow able to convey with a natural ease yet you know it has to be tough as hell playing this girl. Damn. Kudos sister.

5. Lafayette. OMG. He makes me laugh so. much. even with all the crazy psycho shit that he does.

6. Alcide. He's like that book: Why Men Love Bitches or She's Just Not That Into You. I LOVED Janice though. She's a cool chick. She's a Were too right?

7. Sookie. Is it okay to not like the main character of a show? It is right cos I didn't like Buffy. Also, this is more of an ensemble piece really so she's not really the 'main' character. I don't know, something about her in the teevee version just... I guess cos in the books we KNOW her thought process so there's less explaining that needs to be done.

8. Can't really think of one so look at this:

9. BONUS!TRACK 9 Crimes (Live at Abbey Road)

PARKER'S JEALOUSY! Oh, so funny and kinda sad. She's like that funny/sad. Aw. Broken people are my faves. Also, SOPHIE KICKS ASS. I love when she calls people out on their shit. She's such the mama bear. The end.

Amy Adams & Kristen Wiig - What Is This Feeling? from Mikey Carreiro on Vimeo.

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