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It's Called Acting

Comment "I want" and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your LJ with your favorite films of theirs.

emily_sheppard gave me:

1. Sharlto Copley: District 9. HE TURNED INTO A BUG!!!
2. Michael Cane: Austin Powers in Goldmember. Fun. Ee. He had the best lines.
3. Anthony Hopkins: Um, EVERYTHING HE'S EVER DONE? No seriously, Remains of the Day, Howard's End and Shadowlands. If I were putting an ad out for grandfathers I'd want him to reply.
4. Matthew Goode: OM NOM NOM! I'd say Imagine Me & You but I really liked him in Brideshead Revisited.
5. Robert Downey Jr.: LOL! That one with Marisa Tomei! No, Chances Are... No, Iron Man. He OWNS Tony Stark.
6. Jude Law: Ew, I don't like him at all. However, I actually LIKED him in The Holiday and Gattaca.
7. Clive Owen: Hmm... Close My Eyes cos that was sick and twisted yet oh so sad. Layers, onion boy.
8. Russel Crowe: Once upon a time, when he was an up and comer with no ego he was my fave. Sooo, Romper Stomper or L.A. Confidential.
9. Johnny Depp: OH BABY! Once again, how do I choose?! What's Eating Gilbert Grape. 'My knight in shimmering armour.'
10. Stephen Baldwin: Um, I've never seen him in anything... :\

1. Maggie Smith: A Room With A View. So delightfully snobby!
2. Jennifer Garner: Juno. Even though she played SO type A, her face didn't irritate me in that one because heartache was written all over it. How can you not empathise with that? I totally cry at the end of that movie when she's holding the baby and he looks up at her.
3. Ellen Page: Hard Candy. Psychotically brilliant. She's my fave actor of this new generation.
4. Maggie Gyllenhaal: Donnie Darko. 'Did you just say 'fuckface'? Do you even know what a fuckface is?' LOL! Yet she was heartbreaking in that film at the end.
5. Rachel McAdams: Yikes, she's another one faboo in anything... Let's go with Mean Girls cos I loved when Regina George got hit by a bus.
6. Amy Adams: Toss up between Sunshine Cleaning and Junebug. I love how she brings the real life comedy to her more dramatic roles. That subtlety is ever present.
7. Claire Danes: She does movies??? Just kidding. Family Stone. Her hair had the pretty but she was also a very likable character.
8. Eva Green: The Golden Compass. Mostly because she was a flying eternal witch who said very little.
9. Emily Blunt: Sunshine Cleaning. Actually, I like her in everything she does... even if the movie kinda sucks. *cough*Wolfman*cough*
10. Helen Hunt: Twister. She kicked ass in that movie whilst still being that little girl fighting for others.
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