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New Show, Old Computer

I'M BACK! Good news: Stella is REPAIRED. Bad news: Sheldon is on its last legs. D'oh! Is there any way to save all my files before it craps out? There's like A LOT of corruption on that drive so is that even wise to do? Damn.

SO! I have a few things to say about this show.
1. While some of the stories/motives may be easy to read it's the toll it takes on the team that makes you WATCH. OMG!that sentence is full of alliteration.
2. I LOVE that the girls TIE THEIR HAIR UP when going into a scene!!!! OMG! That was my biggest peeve on CSI. Tie. Your. Damn. Hair.
3. The Shipping Lanes. You can ship JJ with ANYONE 'cept I ship her with Hotch, mostly. I'm waiting for the JJ/Reid to hit me but so far, nuthin'. I guess I have to watch more... closely? Morgan/Prentiss however, is my SHIP. Holy hell I love them. They're prolly not popular in fandom, eh? Can I mush them together so they can make pretty pretty babies?
4. Music choices for this show is kinda sorta awesome. I likes.
5. GUEST STAR GALORE!!!! So good.
6. Garcia and Morgan are so freaking CUTE!!! I love that dynamic. D'awwww, family.

C'mon! Hit me with your best CM fics/icons/comms etc...

For some reason I was feeling nostalgic. They were good together. *sigh*

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