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09 July 2010 @ 06:53 pm
New Show, Old Computer  
I'M BACK! Good news: Stella is REPAIRED. Bad news: Sheldon is on its last legs. D'oh! Is there any way to save all my files before it craps out? There's like A LOT of corruption on that drive so is that even wise to do? Damn.

SO! I have a few things to say about this show.
1. While some of the stories/motives may be easy to read it's the toll it takes on the team that makes you WATCH. OMG!that sentence is full of alliteration.
2. I LOVE that the girls TIE THEIR HAIR UP when going into a scene!!!! OMG! That was my biggest peeve on CSI. Tie. Your. Damn. Hair.
3. The Shipping Lanes. You can ship JJ with ANYONE 'cept I ship her with Hotch, mostly. I'm waiting for the JJ/Reid to hit me but so far, nuthin'. I guess I have to watch more... closely? Morgan/Prentiss however, is my SHIP. Holy hell I love them. They're prolly not popular in fandom, eh? Can I mush them together so they can make pretty pretty babies?
4. Music choices for this show is kinda sorta awesome. I likes.
5. GUEST STAR GALORE!!!! So good.
6. Garcia and Morgan are so freaking CUTE!!! I love that dynamic. D'awwww, family.

C'mon! Hit me with your best CM fics/icons/comms etc...

For some reason I was feeling nostalgic. They were good together. *sigh*

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Current Music: Prentiss being AWESOME
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Sunny: FS cutesunny_serenity on July 11th, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)
I just finished Minimal Loss and am now currently on a fic SPREE! I found a bunch of multi-chap stuff and naughty one-shots. X___X You're gonna have to link me to your stuff sister! If any two people in the 'verse ever needed to be mushed together, it's THEM. They're both closet nerds and have that ouchy backstory which would allow them to sex the hurt away without it getting awkward. Hot People! I command you to sex! NOW!
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Sunnysunny_serenity on July 14th, 2010 09:59 pm (UTC)
So, I have a question regarding CM fic. What's FRT(M)?

I'm kind of in love with your Morgan/Prentiss take. Especially the post-ep fics.
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Sunny: CM Prentisssunny_serenity on July 15th, 2010 07:28 pm (UTC)
Ah, I was kinda lost there for a bit. Thanks for the 'splainy.
borg_princess: cm-teamborg_princess on July 12th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
The Shipping Lanes. You can ship JJ with ANYONE 'cept I ship her with Hotch, mostly. I'm waiting for the JJ/Reid to hit me but so far, nuthin'.

Lol, it's funny you should say that 'coz Reid is the fandom's shipwhore, really, he's the one that gets shipped with absolutely EVERYONE. Personally, I didn't mind him and JJ, I thought as the youngest, they were cute together, especially as he's so adorkable and she teases him and calls him 'Spence' and yeah, it worked for me.

Morgan/Prentiss however, is my SHIP. Holy hell I love them. They're prolly not popular in fandom, eh?

That's probably one of the more popular Emily ships, I think. Personally, I'm into her and Hotch, but it is more of a rarepairing. *sighs sadly* There is a lot more fodder for her and Morgan, admittedly, but I like the dynamics with her and Hotch more. *shrugs* AU FTW!

I like the music featured on the show, I love when they use contemporary music, don't be afraid of using modern day music instead of generic soundtracks, whee!


Spotting people I know is one of my fave past-times when watching this show! It has so many random people- Gabrielle! The chick from The Nanny! The dude from Dawson's Creek! I could go on, but you get the idea, lol.

I miss the Morgan/Garcia vibe from earlier on, actually. They are nice together, but it worked better for me in earlier seasons, I don't know why.
(Deleted comment)
borg_princess: emily/hotch-dreamborg_princess on July 20th, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
No worries, you're not intruding. ^_^

Wow, okay, so I'm wrong? I haven't looked for fic so maybe it was a different story last year? Because I swear, back then, there wasn't much Em/Hotch fic happening, and I was so depressed at how much Morgan/Prentiss fic there seemed to be. *ponders* Maybe it's because of the first ep or two of s5 which had a nod to Emily and Hotch, and then shippers took that and ran with it?

But then I have no idea why the M/P crowd wouldn't be seizing on the fact that Morgan and her are always ALWAYS teamed up when they're going into the field, and they're usually the ones that have the banter happening as well, so I'm puzzled!

To conduct a test, I went to ff.net and searched for Em/Hotch fics: 1216 fics came up, of which 169 were over 10, 000 words.

For Morgan/Em: 187...of which only 27 were over 10, 000.

OMG, you're totally right! IDEK what is going on here! This is utterly bizarre. Huh. Well, I'm wrong, I can admit it.
Sunny: CM Prentisssunny_serenity on July 15th, 2010 01:38 am (UTC)
I thought I answered this... meep. Anyways...

Reid is the fandom's shipwhore

Reid is fandom's bitch because he's the baby and he needs LOVE! Although he is particularly adorkable with JJ I want him for MESELF. My 'OH MY, you adorkable sexy beast' scene for him was when he does magic to impress the bartender in 52 Pickup. I want to OM NOM NOM him!!! I'm thinking if I paid closer attention I'd be able to pick up on the JJ/Reid ship but... I guess I'll have to watch the earlier ones again.

I can see Hotch/Prentiss too cos they have the whole WORK!CONFLICT thing which could translate in to angry!sexy!tiems and angst but I think Hotch needs a little happy which is why I love him and JJ. She's like freaking SUNLIGHT to his perma-black rain cloud for me. And with Morgan/Prentiss right now I'm in the whole: 'PRETTY PEOPLE MUST MAKE WITH THE SEXING NOW!' but I'm sure once I'm over that stage, they individually have this 'I've been fucked with so NO ONE can have admittance but that doesn't mean there's no hope so I'll keep it safe until someone pry's it out of my dead cold hands' and they could be that someone for each other, like some kind of lock and key. Nnngh, IWANTTHATSOBAD.

Spotting people I know is one of my fave past-times...

OH TOTALLY RIGHT? The Bro and I are all 'Colonel SKINNER! And that chick from whats-her-face WITH ZOE!' And then they turn your preconceived notion of character familiarity and spin it on its head.

I miss the Morgan/Garcia vibe from earlier on, actually.

Aw. I guess I have to go look back for that too. There needs to be more portrayal of this kind of relationship. Not a dynamic too often seen in entertainment... kinda like the way Simon took care of River in FF or John & Sarah Connor in T:TSCC.
borg_princess: emily-smile2borg_princess on July 16th, 2010 02:09 am (UTC)
Haha, I feel like such a loner in the CM fandom- I’m apparently the only one that sees him as the cute kid brother! Even though he’s older than me, I get these protective older sister vibes around him- I totally mock the hell out of him all the time, but I also just wanna squish him and pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair, lol, and it’s completely platonic. But everyone else in fandom wants to sex him! And I just can’t see him that way!

Lol, I love your JJ/Hotch analogy, that’s just adorable, she is a brilliant ray of sunshine. *squishes her*

I am still so upset that she’s leaving, it’s the crappiest move ever. It’s SGA and the whole fiasco with Torri and Paul all over again, except this time, they’re being completely sexist assholes. >_<


LMAO. I hear ya! *snuggles* That’s my train of logic most of the time, heh. And damn but canon makes it really easy to see Em/Morgan. *sighs mournfully over own ship* They’re always in the field together, always buddying up, teasing each other…where is the crumb for other ships? *pouts*

OMG, THE EPISODE WITH SKINNER WAS SO AWESOME. Mitch is such a great actor- I mean, he’s the UNSUB, he’s killing people and yet I was sympathetic to him and I was wibbling at the end for him!

I do like non-shippy bonds as well, it’s really rare to have platonic relationships that are familial in nature and really adorable and heartwarming…but yeah, I’m more about the ship, lol. *twirls*
Sunny: CM castsunny_serenity on July 19th, 2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
Aw, I've been there before. Fandom is always a catch-22, if you find your tribe and it's redonkulously huge there's a chance of wank, if you're a loner there's limited supply out there to feed the creativity. :( But just look at it this way, you're a rebel and everybody loves a rebel.

I love Reid. He totally IS the younger bro of the team. Cute lil pudnums.

I love your JJ/Hotch analogy...
If I had a modicum of talent or patience I'd make a vid or write a fic involving that Trading Yesterday song. Alas, I cannot swim.

Ugh, let's not go into the wanktasim of CBS. I'm gonna live happily ever after in the world of Girls Rule, Old Dudes in Suits DROOL.

And damn but canon makes it really easy to see Em/Morgan.
Morgan/Prentiss kinda reminds me of Sparky. They just kinda let it go most of the time hoping that no one will notice and they totally get away with it too! I love those kinds of organic ships.

HOLLY MOLLY I LOVE THEIR GUEST STARS! Jacob Carter as a homicidal exorcising priest?!?!?!? Love. It.

OH WAIT! Are you talking about how they've decided to change up the Morgan/Garcia dynamic in s5 where he starts calling her 'Penelope' and they chuck out all the nicknames? Cos I'm not that far yet. I just finished Demonology which is like towards the end of s4? I think? I'm doing a marathon and they all kinda blur together... I'm not too savvy on the ep count yet. Interpersonal dynamics are ALWAYS what I'm about. I just find that fascinating because I kind of abhor mankind in general... huh.