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05 July 2010 @ 04:33 pm
She's My Favourite  
One, COCO RULES. Two, I kinda miss Huff but I'm totally glad that it got canceled cos now she's PRENTISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Also, this kinda makes me weary of fully investing in Criminal Minds because of her being 'reduced' in the sixth season of CM... Heard THAT before.... but she's so CUUUUUUUTE and freaking FUNNY and completely ADORKABLE as Prentiss not to mention 50% of my ship on that show... *sigh* To invest or not, I must mull this over. Three, she's been in a lot of things that I've seen. Like, A LOT. Two and a Half Men, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Friends, the aforementioned Huff, The Specials (funny funny movie, btw) etc etc...

Also, I'm totally out of the loop cos Stella and Sheldon have been at the doctor's. So I'll be MIA for a week or two. At least it happened over the weekend where all my shows are on break cos of the holiday. YAY! Or whatever...
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Life On Earth ~ Band of Horses
help, i'm alive ;;odakota_rose on July 7th, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
Sunny: HP OotP Harmony hugsunny_serenity on July 11th, 2010 03:57 am (UTC)
Laney: Popularlaregan on July 8th, 2010 07:27 am (UTC)
when are sheldon and stella getting back from the doctor's? also do you need to use a computer for work?? also, we need to get together! i iz missing you!! =[
Sunny: ST The Linguidysunny_serenity on July 11th, 2010 03:56 am (UTC)
Ah, I got them back from geek!boy on Thursday and have been trying to recover some of my data from Sheldon. It's on its last legs and OMG this is a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG process. Curses for having many varied interests.