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LOL! O.M.G. A list because I can't organise the crak any other way.
1. Lorena's a FREAAAAAAAAAAAK. Crazy psychotic bitch. And her evilness kinda makes me feel sorry for ol' Billy Boy. OH THE HUMANITY!!!! </drama>
2. I can't wait til Debbie Pelt makes her entrance. Crazy psychotic bitch number two.
3. Poor Tara. Are they gonna intro JB Durone anytime soon? Cos she needs some happy, I'm tellin' you. This Franklin guy is frakking creepy. Waaaaaaay more creepy on teevee than printed page. Yikes.
4. ERIC! OM NOM NOM NOM. That thing with Lafayette and the car was funny. 'I'll have to sell it to you for a dollar to get around that pesky gift tax.' He can be my pimp daddy any day. I also liked the part where he took the time to explain to Sookie how to bury a body you don't want found. That's something Bill would never do.
5. Aw, there's no Bubba!!! Of course, it'd look like an Elvis impersonator trying to be dead!Elvis and it'd look weird but c'mon!!!! BUBBA WAS AWESOME in the books. I liked how Sookie looked after him like he was her retarded little brother. That was cute. But hey, if we get to see a shirtless nekkid Alcide then I'm all for it.
6. This is supposed to be the Club Dead book right? Is that the third? The order gets muddled in my brains.
7. Cos if I remember right there wasn't much PAM in it... but thankfully the show WILL HAVE MOAR PAM!!!!! 'Did you go to the hypothetical hardware store and pick up a theoretical chainsaw?' LOL! When you can't get Daddy on the line call Auntie Pam! Just, you know not when she's BUSY. I also really wanna see how Pam runs things when Eric is away... wait, that's the fourth book right??? I'm confoosed. Somebody help.
8. Baby!Jessica! 'SHIT! How come nobody tells me these things?' Bill is a sucky parent. He abandons ALL his children living AND dead.
9. So I guess my 'wait til the penultimate ep to MARATHON the season' theory is out the window?
10. Yep. That's all I got to say 'bout that...
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