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Things I've Seen This Past Fortnight

so here's why i wasn't really around the past couple of weeks... i was in SEATTLE! my only regret? not making the sasquatch fest... but in a way, kind of cool cos i didn't know what to expect with the rain and all that stuff, i wouldn'tve been prepared for that kind of camp out so to make up for it i bought a ton of new music, oh yes!

a poppy

chives... i was always obsessed with Honey I Shrunk The Kids hence the perspective

hummingbird feeder on that rare occasion of SUN in Seattle

an archie mcphee's cart

zanadu comics on the ave

random u-dub building

random u-dub foliage

anise at masala's... yummy indian food

close-up of a wall

the aquarium... my favouritest thing since the history of evar

...and the biggest puffer fish i've ever seen... at least three feet long

the museum of glass

...the current 'goblet' project the resident team was working on

a portion of chihuly's wall of glass @ the mog

that weird not!plastic bags piece with the tacoma courthouse in background @ the mog

the infinity pool with a tacoma background @ the mog


some wispy thingy

goofing off and a hummingbird

close-ups of an elna systematic sewing machine found in my auntie's attic

jill scott singing hate on me/thanking the fans for 10 years of awesome

...and this is just for you kit_a_licious

maxwell thanking us for sticking around after he made us wait AN HOUR after jill scott to get his ass on stage

...and then i flew home on an airplane... the end.
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