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Readers and passersby this reaction post will be listed in a numbered format of Likes and Dislikes. As always... OMG JULIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU AND JACK BE DIVORCED?!?!? YOU WERE ALL FLIRTY AND OH, HELLO THAR!!! SERIOUSLY!??!?! C'MON!! ...of course this means lots of fic right? RIGHT?!!?!! *ahem*

1. EVERYONE IS DEAD does NOT answer anything about who created the island, the original inhabitants of the island, The Dharma Initiative, The Widmore Group NOR The Others. Was this island serving as a purpose for the ancient Egyptians or anyotherancientpeoples that used the island as a proving ground for those worthy of an afterlife? Who appointed batshit crazy Protector not!mommy Lady? Were the people recruited/brought to the island already dead before arriving and brought as corpses (Christian Shephard) or were they seriously marooned on this island and just totally died there? Was Charles Widmore a person who had a near death experience and was attempting to die again? There are SO many open ends to the mythology I'm gonna have to go over a lot of this stuff again.

2. I neva get a ship. Neva. Eva. I HATE Jack/Kate and Sawyer/Juliet. J/K is a wishy washy whine fest and S/J is a 'love the one you're with' convenience. I do not buy either ship nor get why both were made with such hard sells to the audience. This resolution of the Fucktangle of Doom SUCKS. I sometimes wonder why I can't like the same ships that majority of the population likes cos then my shipping would be satisfied but alas, I am forever doomed to be invested in those that have a no-win scenario tattooed to their foreheads.

3. Penny died?!?!?!? Why do I not remember this?

There was more but I'm still digesting.

1. JULIET!!!! I knew she was David's mother. Canon baby. This means we get tonnes of fic now, right fandom? Right?

2. Hurley. Of course he would be Luke Skywalker. Who else would it have been? Geeks rule.

3. All my OTHER ships. Lost is THE shippiest show since the history of ever. Sun/Jin. Charlotte/Daniel. CHARLIE/CLAIRE. Even Sayid/Shannon. So much love. Those totally made me smile.

And there was more but my brain is sore, my eyes are tired and my fingers are freezing.
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