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20 May 2010 @ 02:01 am
And That's Crazy  
Marathoning Lost is exhausting! Marathoning it with someone who asks a zillion questions whilst doing so is double exhausting... at least The Old Man liked it. Blarphengarrd this show got super crazy super fast. So, I like totally teared up when Jin saw pictures of his daughter for the first time and then FREAKING BAWLED when he wouldn't leave Sun!!! They're the BIG BIG LOVE of Lost. Epic. Other than Jack taking up the mantel and Des being all crazy psycho motivator and Ricardo's backstory and the origin of Jacob and he-who-is-yet-to-be-named (holy fricken hell I fricken LOVE Allison Janney) all I really wanna know is, is Juliet David's mother? Damn you Darlton! Even more damning, I actually had a moment of liking Kate. *gasp* I even fondly remembered my once upon a time ship of Sayid/Kate. Oh, you know what else was super cool? Ale.x and Rousseau and Ben. D'awwww...

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