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Whats Her Face

Went to the movies with my people and OMG Kick Ass was good! ...not that that's a surprise cos Millar & Romita Jr. served as producers. Nic Cage has this hit or miss record when it comes to movies. I must say, I actually liked him in this which is a rarity. Hit Girl, of course, was genius. The kid playing Kick Ass was m'kay. I LOVED his friends... question, why do geek guys only go for the hot chick? What's wrong with us geeky girls? Are we not geek!hot ENOUGH for you? Whut up with that? Cos I HATED whats-her-face-lame-duck-girl in the comic and the fact that she had a, voice, made her THATMUCHMORE irritating. Ugh! Whatevs... I still have to go see The Losers. Is that any good? Bueller? Bueller? BTW, what's with all these comics being made into movies? There was an Expendables trailer. Ack! Hollywood encroaches upon the secret world of geek. Damn them. That being the case I totally FREAKED. OUT. when The Runaways comic makes a cameo in Kick Ass. Seriously. FREAKED. OUT. SQUEE. OUT. LOUD. WITH. HITTING. There was hitting involved and for that I apologise. The craziest thing about it? I knew there was gonna be a cameo I just didn't know where.

Other things I didn't know: Hunter Parrish can sing?!?!? OMG! BE MY CHASE STEIN!

In the case of Parenthood: I can.not. watch Mae Whitman be whats-her-face when EVERYTHING about her in that show reminds me of Gert. BE MY GERT! Lookit how PERFECT they'd be!


So the only things I would change from THIS PREVIOUS CASTING SESSION are:

Karolina Dean

Hanna Murray from Skins

Nico Minoru:

Upon The Bro's suggestion, Jenna Ushkowitz, there can never be enough TINA!

New additions:



Whats-her-face from The Vampire Diaries


Brandon Jackson from Tropic Thunder and Percy Jackson

...for some reason, I can't find a good Victor. Some have said Jackson Rathbone but, meh. Damn you ULTRON! Victor Mancha!
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