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I Reject That Cancellation

NO! I refuse to believe THAT'S how Space: Above and Beyond ends! I REFUSE! SOMEBODY POINT ME TO FIC. STAT.

Vansen & Damphousse crash land and learn more about the Chigs. What do they do about breathing and power? They rig some kind of connection from the cockpit filters to their rebreathers so they can walk around and find a way off planet. They kinda sorta make friends with the Chig that they ran into on the Anvil mission. With their new 'friends' help they find an alternate power source (Chig tech) to boost their distress signal to the Saratoga. There's an integration of technology and understanding of life beyond tolerance and into acceptance and equality. It's a metaphor!

Meanwhile, ON the Saratoga, West and Hawkes get a new CO (and just to make it interesting a woman), a whole mess of wet behind the ears recruits and West becomes the squad leader. He and Hawkes have to put up with this new change. Hawkes, of course, bucks heads with the new CO cos he thinks she's trying to replace McQueen AND Vansen while West runs interference. West & Hawkes can't STAND the noobs who are too eager, full of wide eyed wonder and gusto but eventually, they find a comfortable tolerance with the nuggets when they finally prove themselves in the heat of battle. Meanwhile, the boys try to convince Ross to let them go down to the surface to recover Vansen & Phousse because the distress signal would have been cut off if they were discovered by the enemy. Ross argues the enemy is using it to lure them into a trap.

McQueen, in hospital recovering, is briefed to NOT talk about the negotiations. His sense of justice, right and wrong compels him to do the exact opposite. The higher-ups want to discharge him because of his leg but he fights to stay in because he needs to do right by 'the enemy' who is being systematically terminated by Aerotech. With the newest cutting edge technology he gets a cyborg leg. AIs OHMY! Unbeknownst to him the leg actually contains elements of Chig tech. He cuts through the red tape and other bureaucratic bullshit to get back to the Saratoga. McQueen tells Ross about his gag order AND how this war is only fair after what the humans did to the Chigs. He doesn't regain command of the 58th but West & Hawkes are relieved to have their old CO back. Now, they can be friends AND comrades (they get drunk and talk about Wang and his awesomeness). The boys go to McQueen as an ally to try and convince Ross to let them back on planet to rescue the Captain & Lieutenant. The Colonel makes it a point to teach Hawkes & West why Ross deserves their respect. McQueen in conflict between the new CO of the 58th? Sure. But none of that 'once they were lovers' pedestrian crap. They're actually friends that come from the diametrical opposite corners of being human which leads to contrary styles of command. The new CO is aware of Hawkes' & West's dogafterabone tenacity to rescue Vansen & Damphousse and order them to stow it. Stick to the mission at hand. McQueen does the McQueen thing and tells the boys to do what they think is right according to their own moral compass.

The boys go AWOL to find their Captain & Lieutenant. The new 58th, finding themselves without a squad leader and in conflict over who to support, end up following West and Hawkes to the surface. Traipsing about the planet trying to find the Captain & Lieutenant the 58th runs into a POW camp thus changing the game. They transmit the info. Independently, Phousse and Vansen find information about the systematic human invasion of Chig territories and the violation of the signed treaty. Also, where the POW camp is. They transmit the info. Ross is finally convinced to launch an offensive targeting Anvil with the objective to free the POWs and recover Vansen & Phousse. Mission: Accomplished. CELEBRATE! THE 58TH REUNITES! HOORAH! Damphousse & Vansen are told about Wang's sacrifice and they have a little private funeral in his honour.

Then the rest of the time it turns into the exposure of the conspiracy and Earth: Final Conflict/Battlestar Frakking Galactica!!!! know, everybody's a Cylon. *shrug* Am I right? They even had a Colonel Ty (how much do I LOVE that he's on Private Practice) before Colonel Tigh. A Shane Vansen before Kara Thrace. C'mon! BSG totally stood on the foundation of this awesometastic show.
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