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Cool World

Right, so. I had a simultaneously weird/WTF?!/cool dream.

There's this house which is a care home for all the unwanteds, the elderly, the impaired, orphans and the like. The caretaker of the place has a Son (a son who looks like David Tennant, that's right ladies and gents my very first Ten Inch Dream!). The Son is looked down upon by his stern Father (some anomalous creature composed of Christopher Plummer and Ian McKellen. How that happened is beyond me. Oh, brain. *pets*) as an underachiever, slacker, the one who killed his beloved by being born, a tumor on his life, an irritation he must put up with. So basically, no love. A father with ingrained functionality who views his place in life as a job. A way to get paid. Forget all that compassion and humanity he's just carrying on what his wife started and has become comfortable in his financial/dictatorial rule. His Son, however, sees the folly in his Father's ways and horrid example. The Son is given the impetus to care for those who come to this home, much like The Dead Mother, and the residents love him dearly for it. He becomes their listening ear, comforter, playmate, friend and protector.

Now, what we don't know is that there are Forces greater than our corporeal world at work in this home. They are primarily responsible for the callous evil The Father inflicts upon those in his residence. Never to worry though, this home has been under watch by Benevolent Forces and have been grooming, for many a year, a saviour right under the noses of those dastardly forces. You guessed it, The Caretaker's Son. Over the course of time the son begins to have dreams of light and shadow. They progress to a state where he is actually IN this dream world but he comes to realise it is not a dream at all. This is his training ground. Here he is being conditioned to fight The Darkness consuming his home. Walking this other plane of existence he is able to hone his other worldly skill(s) bequeathed to him by The Good. He gets these cool powers of being able to shield those in the physical world from those in this world of Light and Shadow. He literally becomes this blinding light rendering The Darkness incapacitated. The only manifestation of a persons presence in a room and visible to The Son, is the formation of an extreme relief on the ceiling (kinda like a popcorn ceiling) which morphs and glides across the surface. In this Other State The Son can then battle his heretofore polymorphous enemy and lock them out of a room by closing the gateways into this particular location (IE: doors/entryways/windows). Shortly after unlocking this new power The Son is confronted by The One who will be his nemesis (The part of The One will be played by Paul Bettany). He is charming, sarcastic and all decked out in a sharp white suit. Conversely, The Son always wears a dark suit with a three quarter length coat. Methinks my cinema addled brain is doing this to have contrast whilst in his Other State. Also, Doctor Who/Hamlet/Blackpool.

Meanwhile, in the Corporeal World The Son goes about his subterfuge trying to undermine his Father's vice grip upon The Home. He plays the dutiful son to The Father's face while attempting to find allies outside of the home through childhood friends and connections from University. One friend is a lawyer (James McAvoy), the other a doctor (Benedict Cumberbach), one is on The Board of Health (Kristen Scott Thomas) and his childhood best friend (Catherine TATE! oh brain, I bloody LOVE you!) who's a cop (Oh, YES!). At first they help him out just because he's their friend but he persuades them slowly but surely over to his cause through some evidence he's dug up, literally. dug. up. Methinks it to be some sort of ritual sacrifice. They scour financial records, grants, patient's charts and health history, The Home's certifications and permits, looking for incongruities and payoffs, buyouts, anything to legally turn The Home over to The Son. All of this double play finally builds up to the point where The Father, with the help of a new orderly (Paul Bettany, that explained the shiny white suit) begins to suspect, The Son has been secretly hiding his insanity from him. The Father and The One begin their attempts to frame The Son for nefarious motives, dastardly deeds and your garden variety crazy (IE: inappropriate relations with patients; stealing patient's money/belongings; other crazy psychotic gasp!no! things). The Son then realises he must sacrifice his Corporeal Being to his Other State so he can victoriously overthrow The Darkness. He lets no one in on this plan, save his Quadrangle of AWESOME, so he can become a patient at The Home. He would be in safe hands there despite The One's presence as an orderly because the patients out number the orderly. Plus, Quadrangle of AWESOME.

Rendering himself vacant The Son begins his epic battle against The One for control of The Home. Now upon this Other State, The Son is able to create an avatar (Colin Morgan) to walk the Corporeal World as a tertiary infiltrator. A young inheritor of some stately flibberty gibbit and strikes a deal as an investor with The Father. Anyway, it all ended with this epic battle of epicy proportions and desperate measures with risky moves in The Other State. The Son went to close a door to protect the children from The One. Yet when he did so The Son manically noticed the door off its hinges and The One blasted through with a delightfully evil smirk.

Then I woke up.
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