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Joss World

1. I have an issue with the latest issue of Buffy. We don't really need to see Angel and Buffy having super powahs secks. That grossed me out. The whole they're the new ADAM AND EVE thing? seriously? that's kinda lame. whole new creation blah dee blah... I get it, it's comics, but seriously?!?!? you couldn't come up with another plot? And how the frak did Angel have enough time to be Twilight After the Fall??? HOW? On the plus side, there's a panel of Spike and Buffy! SPIKE! Hee. I always liked him better than Angel. Does Buffy even know that Spike's still alive? Does she??? I don't think she does... at least I don't think he wants her to know. Is anyone following this or is it just me in the expanded world? I made myself feel lonely now... :(

2. Dollhouse s2. Um, JAMIE BAMBER!!! WITH JAMIE BAMBER ACCENT! GAH! And how funny is it to have Helo all listening in on that engagement? Hehe, it makes me long for my nevar-gonna-happen-BSG-ship of Apollo/Boomer. Topher sleeps in the server room. HA! Love it. And WESLEY!! Oh, Wes. Non-Brit Wes... I kinda wanted him to have a showdown of accents with DeWitt. Of course, she'd win. How BA is Adele DeWitt? Like FREAKING AWESOME. SO. BAD. ASS. And FRED! Amy Acker, how are you so brilliant?!?!? SO. BRILLIANT. I love how incestuous the Joss World is. Oh, the inside jokes! The familiarity of it is so comfy. Like putting on your fave PJs and snuggling under the covers on a rainy day. Also, why does FOX always cancel shows right as they're hitting its zenith. I'm waiting for the COMPLETE COLLECTION of Dollhouse cos I think I'd retroactively love season 1 because of it. Cos HOLY CRAP THE WRITING OF THE FIRST EP OF SEASON TWO IS ABSO-FRAKKING-LUETLY FANTABULOUS. M'kay, I'm done now.
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