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Lots Of Begging

My little girl crush has turned into SUPREME GIRL CRUSH!

Whut up with SeeFee doing all these classic story adaptations? I saw Tin Man, I haven't seen that Beauty and the Beasties one I do however, wanna see this cos um, BAMF Felicia with a gun AND throwing knife? YES. PLEASE.

Also, Kavan Major Hottie as a fiance? He really is that good looking in person ladies. So, YES. PLEASE.

I have not a crafty bone in my body. *sigh*

I wanna see this ep of Lie To Me now. Singing!

Please be a guest star on The Big Bang Theory. PLEASE!


A Vi story arc in Buffy s8? YES! PLEASE! Vi was my fave potential and totally kicked ass in that last Buffy ep.
Tags: queen of geek: felicia day, women who rock

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