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Zombie Jesus

1. I don't understand why everyone is hung up on this died on a Friday, zombified on a Sunday thing. It changes every year. EVERY. YEAR. Stupid Gregorian calendar messing up my Sunday brunch eating plans... *grumble*

2. Doctor Who.
Not!Doctor Who Likes:
♥ Donna Jr. She's spunky and kinda like Donna with the whole: OI SPACE MAN! Plus? Scottish! OH YES!

Not!Doctor Who Dislikes:
♣ the new TARDIS. WHAT?
♣ the new credits. UGLY.
♣ the new font. GROSS. it's all boxy and weird...
♣ the new sonic screwdriver. BLASPHEMY!
♣ the new Doctor. Meh. I don't like his droll delivery of certain lines when it should be dynamic and tense or quiet and introspective... plus, his face is weird...
♣ the rehashing of Rose. Uh, yeah, we kinda sorta already knew she was gonna be with the whole 'I'm getting married tomorrow so have me back by quarter to six, m'kay?' :\
♣ I'm giving it two more eps before I give up on it...

Pray tell, what think you of this new Doctor?

3. Saving Grace.
HOLY. EFF. THIS. SHOW. I just re-watched the first season and just... YES. Rhetta&Grace BFF at its finest. WHY aren't there more female relationships like this on TeeVee? THANK YOU NANCY MILLER!

4. It's raining! YAY! If only it'd rain s'more so that it wasn't so frakking humid afterward.

5. Seattle. OMG! I leave on my trip in a MONTH. Yikes. Must. Not. Stress.

6. Taxes. Still haven't done 'em. Eeep!
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