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19 March 2010 @ 11:56 am
Where No One Has  
A list.

1. MORE Scotty!
2. Uhura kickin' ass
3. Kirk being a genius
4. MORE McCoy!
5. Snarky Spock
6. MORE of the Anton!cuteness
7. A kick ass antagonist with more than a desire to exact his/her personal vengeance upon our pretty!crew
8. Some political dickery within the Federation which puts the crew somewhere in the middle and leaves them falling on either side of the issue with extreme passion debating each side and possible outcomes
9. ...and then finally realise they're talking the same thing from opposite angles making them UNITE to pull off the most craziest save in the history of ever
10. the pretty!crew's down time playing basketball or darts or even poker if we must fall into Trek lore, with LOTS of alcohol being thrown back... a fact well established by Uhura's order at the bar in her intro scene

In the words of Robot Chicken Star Wars asteroid worm, "I neva get a space ship, neva eva..."
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Current Music: Blue ~ The Seatbelts
Sunny: BSG get 'er donesunny_serenity on March 22nd, 2010 08:58 pm (UTC)
HA! That was a genius article. I'm totally sharing that.

Word. I mean Trek attempted to up the female empowerment quota with their successive franchising but they still kinda fell short of the mark. I have a feeling that in his Trek days RDM was trying to push that equality of female characters but he was only a lowly writer/co-producer. Mayhaps that's why BSG is so frakking RIFE with women of varying degrees of strength and flaw. Genius.