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Note: *I'm totally blaming this on the monumental fail known as Mallozzi & Mullie.

I like when something is left simmering over a low cook fire as its smell permeates the atmosphere. You breathe in deep and let the aroma sit with you. A fragrant fruity wine that's been aerated and left out. A block of cheese that's been aged to perfection. A rack of tobacco that's been cured. Single malt whiskey from a copper distiller sat in a cask until it's alcohol content is 40% plus.

I was expecting Sam/Jack to be like Sparky where it was all organic, underplayed, unrushed, slinky and all 'huh? didn't see that one coming... Must. Ship.', instead I got this: *THUNK* *CLANK* *DRRRRROP* *SHOVE* *HINT HINT* ENOUGH WITH THE SHIPPY ANVILS! GRRR ARRRRGH! *pulls out hair* Too early. When you must contrive plots/story/moments etc, in order to force something to happen, I'm out. Shoving a ship down my throat like a fist with a rotten fish head squishing out of your fingers or hitting me over the head with a thousand pound rock rife with moss and bacteria is a sure fire way to make me stop watching.

The sad part of it all is, I wanted to like Sam/Jack. Please don't hate me my friends who ship Sam/Jack hard core. I tried! I really really really tried. *sadface* ;___;

I'm gonna go play in my corner of the sandbox now...

That is all.
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