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You Know What's Really Depressing?

All the wibbly angst of Magnus/Druitt and their repressed Victorian emotions. GAH! I prolly won't get into the fandom too much cos this is a nice little distractification show like Torchwood or Stargate. But there's gotta be a catch-all comm out there, right? Cos um, this new LJ search thing SUCKS. Also, I need a Sanctuary icon.

Addendum: The Good Wife is a good show but I can't watch it cos all I see are the actors and their previous jobs not the characters they're supposed to be. *sigh*

ETA: Also, whilst not investing entirely in SGA's finale, meaning only the last two scenes were what I watched, it was crap. Utter CRAP. WTF?!?! GRRRRRRRRRRR! *HULK SMASH*

ETA2: Will dancing in the finale?!?!? GENE. YUS.
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