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SG1, SVM & Life Love

Five Things I Like About SG1:
A) Teamy goodness: Sam's glorious brains, Daniel's luscious hair, Jack's sense of humour, the Teal'c scowl
3) The ability to tell a moral quandary without being preachy. Kinda like Hot Zone in SGA.
4) General Hammond's awesometasticness. I luffs him.

Five Things I Don't Like About SG1:
I) The lack of consistency in everyone's pronounciation of Goa'uld. GGGGRRRRRRRRR! I can understand Jack and the rest of the military folk, sans Sam, not pronouncing it correctly but not Daniel who. is. a. linguist. *MAD FACE* *ticks off a gajillion bonus points in Sam's column*
III) Speak planet every Engrish. Engrish that cannot be explained away by universal translators or bacterial microbes... most of these people were EARTHLINGS not Engrishlings... also, Daniel. Is. A. LINGUIST. :\
III) Shippy anvils
IV) Alien women wearing slutty clothes
V) The not collecting of cool SPACE WEAPONS after defeating enemies... seriously, WTF?

After a marathon of the first season, it got me to wondering about the third season. So you know how they kinda weaved elements of Sookie's character into Tara and Bud into Andy. I hope they don't weave the part of Bill's story of seducing Sookie for exploitative reasons and make it Eric. I'd hate that. Kinda like how I hated that, in the show, Bill killed Longshadow when it should've been Eric. Bill's such an ass in the second season that I wouldn't doubt that in order for them to buy his redemption from the audience and to make Eric an ass they'd change that bit of the story. BAH! All this agonising makes me crazy. I can't wait for season three and all the nastiness of Denise Pelt. Heh. Bring it. Is it June yet?

Also, I finally read the latest book. OMG!ERIC!GALORE! But Claudine. Very sad. Also, Fae are scary... like that Torchwood ep. I'm glad that was true to form. Other thoughts include, ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC. MOAR PAM! ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC.

ERIC ERIC ERIC. So technically, in the underworld, Sookie is married to Eric, right? Or did I get that wrong? I don't remember much else, cos I read it so long ago, except that Sookie has a granpappy and I wonder who they'll cast in the part. I'm glad CH expanded on how the blood bond works and some of Eric's family. Telling a story from first person POV can be quite limiting, no? Although the origin of Eric's Maker was disturbing and cruel, switching it to Godric for the show was kind of a genius move. Emotional investment anyone? I've posted this before. Sue me.

Hello, my name is Doomie Pocalypsis I'll be your guide for today's lesson of Excellence In Short Lived Television:

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