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You're Kidding Me

Why is there no vid for Sparky using Here With Me? Not like there isn't enough material or inspiration (angst) for it. Let me demonstrate:

Just to name a few.

SG1. I was never a devout SG1er so watching them in order is supremely awesome however, a word about ships and a lot of you are going to hate me for saying this. Sam/Jack? Meh. I just don't see/feel it. *ducks the tomatoes* WAIT! I wasn't finished. I kinda wanted to like them cos STUCK ON A GLACIER WITH MACGYVER! Yet it's not like Sparky where BAM! conflict = hawtness and I immediately shipped them and as the series progressed it ate mah brainz. Also, I think the exposure to Sam/Jack awareness online prior to watching the show properly may have influenced my opinion. I'm totally the underdog supporter in pretty much everything (YAY!SAINTS!) so I sail under the Sam/Daniel fleet. But I'm a shipper whore anyway so that could change. *shrug* I prefer the cutesy-ness of Daniel/Sam. They're geeks and I ♥ geeks. But, they can also be really WHY CAN'T YOU SEE IT MY WAY angsty. I dunno, I just thought I'd share my SG1 viewing experiences. Don't hate me. *cringes* I'll totally get to the more other awesome of the show later but now, I have to go count out the till. Ta.

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