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To Snafu Or Not To Snafu

I give Toyota props for owning their mistake, you know? Big points in the Accountability column. Huge corporate company saying, 'Sorry world, we totally screwed up and it's on us.' It almost comes as a shock. o___0 Of course, I could totally be talking out of my ass here, but the dealership that sold The Family a Camry contacted them by phone AND letter shortly after the story broke. So good on ya Toyota.

In other news, I will be AWOL for the next week or so. The Sane Relatives are making a visit and the house is still a wreck yet I still have to work.

In job-like news. It looks like the store will NOT be closing this month, thank you economy and the stupid. fricken. furloughs. should not be affecting my medical coverage. What a fricken headache. I still want a different job... *sigh*

In fandom news. Spartacus. Holy shit, are any of you guys watching that? Cos it's like a dose of 300/Rome/Gladiator every. fricken. week. I'm SPARTACUS! John Hanna(!) his adorable cuteness. HALDIR! Spartacus, the male Starbuck Thracian. Plus, D'Anna XENA! It's so fricken gory and gratuitously bloody with actiony John Woo stylee sword fights and at times, lots of boobs and bush for those of you in that persuasion. Also, did I mention XENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Leverage. Oh, show! I love thee. It makes me want to learn all the names for their cons and plays. Although I do miss Gina... Sophie... SEVEN OF NINE CONS! It's been fabulous. I can't wait til she comes back and is all buddy buddy with not!SoN... Speaking of Seven of Nine...

Voyager. EVERY season but four is in the store for seventeen dollars. SEVENTEEN! Plus, my discount, now THAT'S how to spend 83 bucks! Oh YES!
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