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Hey what's his face from Life. Oh, I miss that show and Dani Reese's badassery/brokenness and Charlie Crew's and his badassery/brokenness... I need to go read some fic now.

I think I just pee'd my britches a little at seeing David Anders AND CKR in the credits. EEE! Sark and Leoben in the same ep! Oh my psycho lil boys. *pets*

Sark with the Papa issues.

EW, Brannon Braga... way to kill Star Trek asshole... EEE! DAVID FURY! MANNY COTO! No wonder 24 is still around.

Renee is fucking PSYCHOTIC and I kinda like that. FINALLY someone on par with Jack Bauer. Partners! YAY! Jack, you're not exactly a stable kind of person yourself. Pot, Kettle. Kettle, Pot.


You know, I miss Tony & Michelle... is that what they're attempting to do with Dana/Cole?

STARBUCK! ...and the lame person home invasion. Why do I get the feeling that Chloe is gonna help Dana out with her badassery. Dude, you WORK for a crazy ass branch of government wah-tah his ass with some fight fu.

CHERRY JONES! I love her. She's AWESOME in anything she does. Martial law. They should make a comic about that... oh no wait, they kinda did. DMZ.

Final answer, Jamal?

What, drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.

Oh, break up scene. Sad. Also, whut up with casting Indian folk as Arabian? My biggest Hollywood pet peeve come to light. I think it has to do with the underlying ignorance of typecasting. *iz peeved*

You wanna know about Vladimir, Jack? Vladimir is a sexy beast. That's what you need to know. Also, he was prolly obsessed with Renee. Seeing as how CKR is known for those kinds of roles. Remember when he played the cute!woobie guy in Double Happiness?

Now he gets crazy psycho roles. *pets*

Lugo. He's that guy from that thing... he's Scottish, right?

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! CKRCKRCKRKCKRCKRCKRCKRCKRCKRCKRCKR!!! Oh gods he's so sexy. I LOVE HIM! So I take it CKR and Katee aren't gonna have anything to do with each other in this show, eh?

And Lugo totally doesn't trust Renee. Well, he's the smart one and therefore, first to die.

Okay, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Katee but I guess cos she's so GREAT at being Starbuck that it's weird to see her as this sniveling weakling. *sigh* Wow, seriously, this guy can hold a grudge. I don't even know his name. Does he have a name? He looks like Ricky Schroder so I'm gonna call him Ricky Junior. RJ you're a dick. ...oh, and a liar.

Jack the puppeteer.

Is there gonna be like explosions or something, my attention is waning. HA! Totally called it. Renee wants REVENGE!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! At least when he was Leoben he never beat Kara up... physically.


So don't knock it, don't knock it, You've been here before...


Vlad is a smart man. Decoy! Wait, he's an arms dealer, right? I was so pissed at the not!ending Leoben got. I feel so empty. Cos that stuff in The Plan? Lame.

HASTINGS! NUMBER FIFTY-FOUR! Why don't you and Missus Hastings join the over thirty Mister Hastings? Didjawallidigimop Frangipani?


Trunkity trunk trunk trunk!

HAHA! Decoy! I think she wants to die.

Um, does 24 bring all these disparaging story lines together in the end? Cos I don't remember.

She does wanna die. Oh, Renee, you are damaged. Now I wanna see season seven. Maybe it's because she looks like Kate from Lost but

*sigh* No splosions. *iz a sad action monkey*
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