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15 Days

It's been about two weeks since my traumatic food life change. I have to say. Despite the typical detox stage of omg-the-poison-it-flees, I feel better. How'd I go through life putting all that crap in my body? I'm amazed I still live. My body has more energy. If it weren't for all the emo!crap I've been going through lately, I'd prolly sleep better too. But BOY do you have to do a lot of planning and cooking. It's non-stop. On the plus side, my food bill has drastically gone down due to lack of veggie-friendly joints in my part of the island. I hardly eat out and I've already lost about five pounds! YAY!ME! Now I just have to implement an exercise regiment (oh joy!) and supposedly I will be a full fledged Skinny Bitch.
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