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13 January 2010 @ 04:19 pm
Deal With It  
Sparky can make me change my mind about anything. OTP STRIKES AGAIN!

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: She Is the Sunlight ~ Trading Yesterday
Sophiesarahsoph on January 14th, 2010 03:33 am (UTC)
Awww. You're going to get me all hooked in again as well!
help, i'm alive ;;: {sga} john/elizabeth-odakota_rose on January 14th, 2010 07:36 am (UTC)
Holy crap. That seriously is one of the shippiest episodes in the history of shippy episodes isn't it?
And gaaaah. I don't even get a chance to wander from the path anymore (note to self: rephrase. sounds far too much like Origin) before Sparky reels me back in. This ship eats brains, yo.
*dances away to find Sparky big bang fics to read*
Andy: yellow_loveankareeda on January 14th, 2010 04:27 pm (UTC)

I feel the love! *squee*

*big hugs*
Luxuria_Oceanus: SGAEJ: Cute Loveluxuria_oceanus on January 15th, 2010 05:37 am (UTC)

That episode was TOTALLY Sparky.

TPTB were retarded. RETARDED. Showing us the obvious Sparky and then ripping it to shreds... they should be CASTRATED!

Also, I have a sudden craving to hump my wifey *le sigh*
Katrina L. Halliwellcanuck_kat on January 17th, 2010 09:13 am (UTC)
*cough* David on Nevermind the Buzzcocks.
Sunny: DW Fangirl Runsunny_serenity on January 18th, 2010 07:14 am (UTC)