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The After Monday Report

LOVE! The suit musical number was LOVE!! And what a fricken tease about the mother. Um, is this show on it's way out already? I thought they got picked up for two years.

TBBT: Sheldon RULES!

Dear Writers of TBBT,

Could you stop making Leonard such an ass? We did love him once upon a time. And while you're at it, can we not hit the Penny-is-a-hippie-esque-free-spirited-fun-loving nail so hard on the head next time. Can we have you develop Penny beyond the facts we are already familiar with.

No love,

Raj was so cute. He reminds me of the kid who wants to play in the sand box but is too petrified to say so.

Howard. I didn't think Howard could be not creepy, yet he is with Bernadette. SO CUTE!
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