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Effects of A Harry Potter Watch

While I wait for my fishatarian shopping partner to come home I wasted time. What a surprise. I watched a few minutes of GoF for one Mister Tennant (Cos yes, I am in mourning. Leave me alone.) and ended up watching the whole thing. An even bigger surprise. Then that led to a fic hunt (Oi! Why do they have to be so long fandom? WHY?) which ended up turning into a pic hunt which is what you will see below the cut.

Why would you need anyone else in these? WHY? Unless it's with these blokes.

Also, Burberry needs a new creative director for their campaigns cos other than Emma, these sessions are old hat.

Burberry Autumn/Winter Campaign

Burberry Spring Campaign

Lookit, they were so wee!

A little less wee

Almost growed up

DH still

*All photos from
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