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In My Attempt To Be LESS Random

Music. This had me screaming for MORE! MOAR! They sing TO each other!

Yes, more on this awesome. One. JENNIFER NETTLES IS A GODDESS! OMG! YES. Love. Her. Two. BEN HARPER IS A SEXY BEAST! OMG! YES. Laura Dern you lucky bitch. Third. My fave song from The Boss. Fourth. EVERYONE in my abode was riveted to the screen at this point of the ceremony. You so rarely see duets sung to EACH OTHER nowadays. Whut up with that people? Mostly I see performances for the audience not that connection of artistry grounded in the other sharing the experience. THAT'S HOW YOU DO A DUET. Know what I'm saying?

Even more awesome? I scored Fever To Tell for a BUCK at the store last night. That's right. Yeah Yeah Yeahs for A BUCK. I love my job.

He-he-hell yes! Juliet Burke > most of the Lost cast. Benry Linus > all.
Top Five Bitches! it Feburary yet?

Oh, Daniel Faraday Jeremy Davies. Btw, go out and get The Million Dollar Hotel. 'Tis a fabulous movie full of Jeremy Davies yummy.
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