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O.M.G. I finally finished A Clash of Kings. The longest it's ever taken me to read a book. I needed a break from it's grand scopey story tellingness. I delved into the Southern Vampire Mysteries for a much needed respite, but back to A Song of Ice and Fire.

1) Dany. I'm glad to see some of the threads of the main story FINALLY being relative to this B-plot of the book. Most of the time I'm asking myself: "Um, and what does this have to do with the rest of the story?!?!" I find myself trudging through her parts with my heels dragging. There needs to be epic battleyrific battles of Dragons V EVERYTHING ELSE. That would make my day.

2) WOLVES! I love how the children are become aware of their connections to and through the wolves almost simultaneously. Bran obviously has an edge over the others but there's awesomeness in that. He'd be the strongest... more on that later. I wonder if this will be able to lead to telepathic communication through the wolves and thus solidify my theory of the scattered Starks being the family to rule all of Westeros. HEE. That'd be awesome.

3) Bran. Oh, my sweet sweet Bran. He's so bitter and calloused by the world and it's atrocities. That being said I'm GLAD for it. How else is he going to be able to groom his new found abilities? If he were still able-bodied and independent his drive to become Wolf would have been hampered by the very thing he was robbed of.

4) Jon. Oh, young honourable boy! He's seriously my fave. Smart. Kind. Thoughtful. He's just. Oh... I LOVE him. Just. Beyond. And now he's caught up as a double agent for the Watch as he becomes a Wildling. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Intrigue and caution. The wonders and ways he'll be exposed to is something I can't wait for. EEE.

5) Arya. Oh, wise youth! She's definitely the most insightful and cunning of the Stark lot. When I grow up I wanna be like her. Taking fear as an ally instead of an enemy. It keeps her alive. Yet her youth keeps her optimistic and level. She has SO much reason to be driven by revenge yet that's in it's proper place too. Everything. Everything.

6) Sansa. I don't know whether to feel sorry for her or not. She's the head stuck in the clouds girl. The princess. I've never been fond of those types. Oh well. However, now I see the reason for all the Sandor/Sansa shipping. OF COURSE. Still, she needs something MORE for me to grasp on to her as a character. I only enjoy her because of thoses scenes with Cersei.

7) Robb. WTF? No Robb except in hope and passing mention. I'm guessing there's more of him in A Storm of Swords.

8) Cersei. I. LOVE. HER. OMG. How cruel was her life that she's become this cast iron bitch? I want to know this. Was there no mother at Casterly Rock to show her kindness? Was there only pride and esteem? Oh gods I want to know wee!Cersei and see her develop into Queen Cersei. Like, seriously, I will search out fic made of character study and psyche I love to hate her so much. What makes her tick and WHY! Also, I really really really really really really really really really really really really wanna see how Lena Headey develops that backstory. What she'll infuse her with. OH, YES.

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