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Where in heck is Torri? Like, what's she been up to? New projects? Planting trees in Botswana? Just bummin' around? What's the what's with her?

The Family, The Bestie/Lil Sister combo and I went to see The Blind Side today. It's such a good movie. Seriously. Go watch it.

Then we ate at Cattle Company for dinner. YAY! Coupons!


Also, I've been a really shitty LJ friend! I know, I'm sorry. LIFE! It is busy... and I'm trying to balance the crappy with the good and attempting to focus on the upsides. Unfortunately, that means very limited online time. GRRRRR ARRRRRGH! I feel so disconnected to you awesome people. *sads* :( I have no idea about any happenings online. ACK! SO! In the spirit of olive branch giving for being absent of late on here...


...and if there's anything you need me to know, or feel like spamming, which I totally LOVE, then by all means have at it!
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