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Monday Night, It's Back!

HIMYM: I'm still sore over the whole Too Much Awesome Cancels Out The AWESOME. That's BULLSHIT! Marshall and Lily are awesome and their awesome is only highlighted by their schmoopy love godsdammit! I want my Robin/Barney BACK!!! *fists of fury* However, I did enjoy last nights ep. Hehe Ted, you are like an unanimated Doug Valentine. So cute but kinda dumb. *pets him* Also, BONUS POINTS! Grizzly Bear usage. I LOVE THAT SONG!!! <

Video video video:


TBBT: Bah! Very little Raj. YAY! Kinda sorta teamy goodness. Penelope pay attention. Sheldon CAN teach. Leonard was bearable. Howard is creepy, poor thing. *pets* RAJ needed to be used more. :\ But I guess now that Howard has a girlfriend Raj he can't be funny if he can't talk... *sigh* Oh, show I can only hope Molaro pulls you out of this imbalance. *crosses fingers*
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